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Superlux HD-681B Studio Headphones High Quality Power Bass


High quality studio headphones with more bass punch.

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Accurate and detailed sound greatly enhances your listening
2. High efficiency and wide dynamic range
3. Durable construction allows it to be twisted for use as a single
    ear headphone
4. Self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort
5. Single-sided, straight cable
6. Outstanding quality and value
7. Environmentally friendly packaging, good for displays and easy to


Studio Headphones

  • Linear Reproduction
  • Semi-open
  • Circumaural (full size)
  • Dynamic
  • Self-adjusting Headband
  • Peak SPL: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 10 - 30000 Hz
  • Maximum Power: 300 mW
  • 2,5m Cable with 3,5 mm Stereo mini-jack
  • Weight (including cable): 277 g
  • Weight (excluding cable): 235 g
  • Including 6,3 mm jack adapter and carry pouch


HD681 over 72,982 visits at headphone forum

Frequency Response

scenario HD681
Deep low frequency “On stage” sound, perfect for enjoying the beauty of classical music & other large ensembles.
Frequency response HD681
Both the HD681 & P-brand HP890 have a similar curve, presenting a bright and clear sound. When playing classical music, the HD681 will surprise you with its breadth, clarity and dynamic presence.

scenario HD681F
Flat extended frequency response “Front row” sound image, great for pop music and capturing that sweet vocal sound.
Frequency response HD681F
Both the HD681F & A-brand AD500 have a similar curve. The HD681F delivers a sweet sound, just as if the singer was standing right in front of you.

scenario HD681B
powerful bass “In hall” feel, great for enjoying rock music and similar exciting performances.

Frequency response HD681B
Both the HD681B & A-brand K240 Studio have a similar curve. The HD681B optimizes a powerful bass and balanced tone, and it will be difficult to resist the urge to dance to the rhythm from your headphones.


*FR charts shown above are test results determined by China Standard IEC318 ear simulation.

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Superlux HD-681B Studio Headphones High Quality Power Bass

Superlux HD-681B Studio Headphones High Quality Power Bass

High quality studio headphones with more bass punch.

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