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  • Baluns
    Es un sistema muy flexible
    Mar 21, 2018
    Write by Salvador Serra

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Baluns, who they are and what they serve

Baluns, who they are and what they serve

Q: What does ETS do?

A: We design, build & market some of the best baluns available today.

Q: What is a balun?

A: It's a transformer that allows you to connect two different kinds of wire and maintain signal integrity.

Q: Why the name, balun?

A: It's a conjecture of two words balanced & unbalanced.

Q: Do baluns need power?

A: Baluns come in both active & passive versions, the passive version does not need power.

Q: What is a real world use for baluns?

A: They are used extensively in the audio & video arena to replace coax cable with UTP CAT5 & 6 cable.

Q: Who typically needs baluns?

A: Anyone who uses audio and/or video:

  • Broadcast, recording & production studios
  • Churches, schools, retail stores, sports bars & night clubs
  • Hotels, motels, theme parks & home theaters
  • ANYONE who uses audio and/or video

Q: Why use baluns?

A: Here are just some of the reasons:

  • To take advantage of the high quality, low cost CAT5 & 6 cables currently available
  • To extend transmission distances
  • To reduce installation costs
  • To send 4 analog audio signals over one cable
  • To send 4 video signals over one cable
  • To send audio & video over one cable
  • To eliminate ground loops that cause hum & interference
  • To utilize existing wiring

Q: Why buy ETS baluns?

A: Our customers save a lot of money by using the quality designed and built ETS baluns with UTP or existing cable without losing signal quality.

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