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  • Baluns
    Es un sistema muy flexible
    Mar 21, 2018
    Write by Salvador Serra

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More about the use of baluns, audio snake

More about the use of baluns, audio snake

  The ETS InstaSnake™ Series (PA200) is a compact, lightweight, versatile passive group of components allowing you to run audio signals over a single run of Cat 5, 5e, 6 or 6a data cables. With a roll of cable, these compact units are easily transported and/or stored solving dozens of live and/or recording sound problems.

  The InstaSnake™ is a passive unit, so you do not need power. The InstaSnake™ accepts "mic" level or line level analog or digital audio and supports phantom power when using shielded Cat 5 or 6 cables. The basic units are a pair of passive units with bi-directional capability which can be input directly into analog or digital consoles.

  Designed to the highest professional standards the InstaSnake™ has a wide, flat frequency response, low THD and residual noise. The InstaSnake™ has been factory tested to 1900 feet over Cat 5 using balanced line low impedance dynamic microphones. Phantom power has been tested to 850 feet over shielded cable. (Phantom Power - Shielded Cat 5 or 6 cables are required to pass phantom power ..

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